Conservatory To Room Conversion Home Office Video Studio

Home office setup in a converted conservatory Running a business from home? Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office and YouTube Video Studio.

A home office and a video studio, that was the goal. So I needed to convert a conservatory. The only problem with a conservatory is generally it’s a massive glass box.

Conservatory To Room Conversion for Home Office Video Studio less than £1000

Products Used

High-Performance Multifoil Insulation

Drywall Plaster Board

Double Bubble Aluminium Foil Wrap Insulation

UPVC Plastic Soffit Board Boards White Hollow Cladding

Silver Reflective Window Film Solar Control & Privacy Tint

Blinds Made to Measure Vertical Blind

We all know during the summer. They get amazingly hot. And during the winter it is just an icebox. So the goal was to control heat, control the light and have some element of control over the sound. So in this video, I’ll show you some of the challenges I had to overcome, some of the things I might do differently, and some of the ideas where you could do the same for under a thousand pound.

Glazed Windows To Walls

It’s going to be vital in controlling both light and heat loss. So it needs to insulate. I also need to put some boarding up obviously. I did initially put always telling me the idea of stud wall, but that would actually protrude too much over the frame of the window.

So I went with 19mm battens, which helped secure this material, I did look at sound insulation, and normal Rockwell both of those would have been needed the more heavy-duty Studwell. So I went with the quilted material, which once compressed down, doesn’t take up too much space. The quilted material is super multifoil.

So in your location, it might be called something else, but at least you’ll have a starting point of what you might be looking for.

I didn’t want it protruding anymore than needed. I was very limited for space, before it lapped the frame itself. It’s basically come to the end of the glass line, so I didn’t want it to come out any more than that. That’s why I went with the 19mm wood battens.

I was losing the stability of what would have been a proper framing. So I was reliant on the dwarf wall. Takes all the weight of the plasterboard or the drywall.  So the dwarf wall, which is brick, that takes all the wall weight, there is nothing of any real substance secured on this wall.

I have floated a set of bookshelves relying on the dwarf wall rather than the wall structure itself. So the walls Cost £294

Insulate conservatory roof for a fraction of the cost. 

Replacing a conservative roof could cost anything from three thousand to nine thousand pounds depending on the type you go for.

So a full replacement roof with tiles etc. could be looking near the nine thousand. Again, this is subject to the size of the conservatory. Suppose you were just looking at doing a full tile so they can actually put some insulation down and then over title and that’s probably near the three thousand pounds. The other option is an insulated roofing panel generally from the outside.

It’s actually a thicker material. obviously takes it the same width. But the material itself is a thicker material generally with a solid extrusion on both sides with the insulation in between it being solid, obviously cutting out the light. They cut out the heat during the summer, so those are generally known as insulated roof panels and they go on the outside of the conservatory and is basically in essentially a roof replacement.

Costs between £2500 and £5000. These are some figures that got off the Internet. So that’s doing the ceiling from internal. So that doesn’t affect anything on the outside that they don’t need to remove anything. I went with this as a DIY project, so these cladding strips.

I didn’t actually use wood battens on the roof or ceiling. I went with what material I had at the time as we were in the middle of lockdown due to covid. So I secured the insulation with silver foil tape and I went with a lightweight option.

These cladding panels are actually fitted using starter trims. the panels go in much the same if you’ve ever done laminate flooring.

So if it’s really bright and I want to control the lights, and I want to shoot a video and I want it more darker, I can block it off or if it’s really hot, obviously, I mean, the panels that actually reduce the heat make the room more bearable.

As this is going to be an office and a video studio. It’s still need to be a functional room for the rest of the family. And, during the summer of 2020, with everything that was happening, this becomes additional space for my wife to work from home. So the idea of this to control the light and also the heat was to have these basically wood structures I put in, and I could then slide in these panels, one full-length panel, I can either have it down. Or I could remove it completely.

Really pleased with the conservatory roof, £210.

It’s made this room usable throughout the year. So the cladding itself £160 pounds. That’s was including the trim pieces. I’ve spent about £30 on the insulation including the foil tape, to hold insulation up.

Now a useable room and office. Well worth the money. If you don’t want to do as a DIY project, you can certainly find companies that can do this type of thing. And I think they charge circler £1500. well worth doing to make your room usable throughout the year.

Conservatory Window Film and Blinds

Controlling the light on the largest expanse of the conservatory, which is obviously glass. I went with a film I haven’t finished yet.

The film does an amazing job of cutting out the light. I think you can see from that shot there cuts out one or two, maybe two, maybe three stops of light compared to the untreated.

So the film does its job, stops the floor from being bleached. So these blinds, there’s some thermal qualities to them and all that kind of stuff. I’ll leave details of that on screen and also in the notes below the line costs for the full length. The blinds were £200. And the film was about £60.

£260 for the windows and the blinds, the walls £294 and the roof. £210. So all in £764.

So bookshelf no weights on this wall. Plasterboard insulation and the band’s name is on that wall.

Nothing is attached to the wall. So there is no load-bearing on this wall itself. So that takes care of the bookshelf. So this cupboard from IKEA, as you say, because I’ve got the dwarf wall, I didn’t want me sticking away from the wall, so I’ve actually hacked out the bottom part of the cupboard.