Social Media Marketing Birmingham

Social media is booming and continues to evolve. No wonder, therefore, that more and more companies are making social efforts within the online marketing strategy. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of uncertainty about social media for businesses. What does it exactly mean? Why do social media offer many opportunities for entrepreneurs and how can these opportunities be best utilised?

Social Media Is Booming

The Benefits of Social Media for your Business

Your customers and prospects can be found in large numbers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. So look for them where they already feel comfortable. Social Media marketing is very cost-effective and can quickly increase your brand awareness, improve your reputation and increase the loyalty of your target group. An overview of the benefits of Social Media:

Increase brand recognition

By using social media, you increase the online presence of your company. By expanding the reach of your brand or product, consumers will recognise your brand or product name sooner, and the name remains top-of-mind.

Online reputation management

It has become effortless for companies to monitor on the Internet what customers think of your brand. Here are several tools for finding. This part is essential for reputation management. By watching social media, you can respond quickly to reactions from (potential) customers and follow up negative feedback. It is also advisable to monitor and learn from colleagues in the industry.

Not embracing social media will lead to stagnation!

In many branches the saying “stagnation is deterioration.” The arrival of social media has changed marketing forever. The Internet is subject to constant changes. So it is essential for your company to follow it. Social media is now becoming mature,o that you can no longer ignore it as an (innovative) company.

Influencing purchasing behaviour

The social media network of consumers has a significant influence on buying behaviour. Consumers who follow brands on social media often purchase these products and regularly order them within their network.

Expert status

Your company profile/weblog is an excellent opportunity to be labelled as an expert by the consumer. Through a profile, you can keep consumers up to date with the latest news regarding your company, but also sector-related news. When relevant news articles are shared on a regular basis, the consumer sees your business as an expert.

Very easy to use

Setting up and managing Social Media accounts is as easy for companies for private users.

Generate website traffic

It is good to add a link to your site in posted messages where possible. By posting regular updates with a link on, for example, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you can generate additional traffic on the corporate website via ‘clicks.’ Incoming links are also a crucial factor in search engine marketing.

Niche & local marketing

With the arrival of social media, niche marketing has become even more natural. Companies can search through social platforms for, for example, demographic characteristics and interests. Social media also lends itself perfectly to location-bound services. These ‘Location-Based Services’ are particularly suitable for companies that want to inform their customers about the specific possibilities at the location where the customer is at that moment.

Recruiting new talent

More than 80% of the respondents use social media for ’employer branding’ and ‘direct sourcing.’ 58% of the respondents, for example, use vacancies on LinkedIn and have built up a ‘social talent pool.’

Input product development

By monitoring social media channels, you also gain insight into the wishes of the customer. This input is beneficial for innovating your products. Although many social media platforms are free, it takes time and energy to set up a successful plan to formulate the target group, find out where this target group is located and analyse the feedback.


Setting up a profile is free with the known Social Media. You only have to invest in the time to keep your information up-to-date and to interact with your target group.

Get to know your target group.

What do they think of your products and services? What can you improve? Let your customers know that their opinion interests you and that you do something about it, this is how they feel involved and become more loyal.

Improve your customer service

Because your customers often make use of Social Media, it is often more accessible and more comfortable for them to approach your company via Social Media than via traditional media such as telephone or a contact form on your website. Give them this opportunity, and respond quickly, friendly and solution-oriented, because other customers can read along.

Personify your organisation

By entering into a dialogue with your target group, you give your organisation a face. People would instead do business with it than with a large, impersonal company.

Possibility for specific targeting

It is effortless with Social Media to focus your message on a particular audience. Your message is more in line with the target group and will, therefore, be more efficient.


People are always looking for offers. Social Media gives you the opportunity to make an offer to your most loyal customers. Not only do you achieve a specific group, but you can also measure the results by keeping it exclusive.

What can Amdcreativemarketing do for you?

Our employees are marketers, designers, programmers, and copywriters: the perfect mix for setting up and integrating Social Media into your existing marketing activities.

Determine objectives and set up accounts

First of all, Amdcreativemarketing can brainstorm with you about whom social media are most suitable for your organisation and for your goals and how you can best use them. Also, we can help you set up accounts, or take care of this for you. Of course, we integrate the chosen social media into your website and vice versa, for the best interaction and to make you easier to find in the search engines.

Advertising on Social Media

By advertising on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube you enter into direct contact with your target group. The significant advantage is that you can target your ads to particular target groups, for example, based on location, age or interests. Because nowadays almost everyone can be found on social networking sites, your reach is extensive.

Do you want to know how Amdcreativemarketing can help you? Ask us how!