live domain name

The top-level domain.LIVE is widely used in the booming live streaming as well as online video. Using a custom .live domain name, you can brand, track, and share short URLs.

live domain name for live streaming

Individuals can now get information faster than ever before thanks to live streaming. The domain LIVE is ideal for sharing the moment with followers. LIVE provides audiences with real-time access to events from a trusted YouTuber.

What is .live domain used for?

Do you require a domain name that encapsulates everything? For your experiential, in-person, and live events, consider a.live generic top-level domain (TLD). Any website with live news, events, or performances can use live, but you aren’t limited to that. Whether you’re hosting football tournaments, sport events, concerts, live news, or theatrical performances, a.live domain name can help signal to audiences that the experience is live.

Why choose a .LIVE domain?

Get a.live top-level domain and connect with your audience to deliver timely, relevant content.

Who can use .live domain?

. live is the ideal branding tool for a variety of people and businesses, including media broadcasters. Venues for entertainment. Musicians. Leagues of sports. Providers of digital events. Leagues of gamers who compete in real-time. Chefs on the internet. Schools that provide online video instruction.