Who Is Michael Hele?

I provide a monthly marketing consulting service to several of my clients. Each month, I collaborate with the small business owner on their marketing strategy and implementation.

Having someone you can turn to for help, direction, and advice, as well as someone who is constantly providing you with new ideas and tactics, as well as someone who is constantly questioning your thinking…

For many business owners, it’s a game-changer, and the outcomes speak for themselves.

Fear Of Video

Did 4 test videos about 18 months before this and had signed up for Youtube in October 2011. Guess I had no time “honesty it was fear and being a perfectionist”. which is madness as I had done hundreds of private show and tell help videos for web clients.

Video Rankings

If there is a specific challenge you’re facing with your channel or an area you’d like to improve, book a free discovery call today and make your systems operate smoothly. Custom-made worldwide marketing campaigns for chosen companies and clients have been part of our repertoire for a long time.


Learn how to use real-life strategies that will increase your sales and profits with our help and support! Together, we’ll put a system in place that will transform your company. Marketing Without the Fluff. Coaching in a Private Setting

Hiring a digital consultant

Since 2003, I’ve been actively involved in small business marketing on a hands-on basis.

Michael Hele?

With over 18 years of experience in small business marketing, I help UK small business owners attract more high-paying clients, increase profits, and improve their quality of life.

data nerd

I love nerding out over data, analytics, regularly testing and building sites, testing videos just to know what is needed to move the needle on something.

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Since 1996, I’ve been actively involved in small business marketing, which distinguishes me from the vast majority of marketing professionals. In 2002, I worked for a Manchester web firm selling websites. My own marketing company AMD Web Design was born in 2003, and I’m happy to report that it has continued non-stop ever since.

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In 1996, I built my first website. Since then, I’ve managed hundreds of websites and landing pages, and I’ve run numerous successful SEO campaigns that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue for my clients.

There are numerous Google Ads campaigns that I have overseen. not only do I know how to advertise a small business, but I also understand how these marketing/media platforms change day by day to assure your success. This includes Mailchimp email marketing as well as social media ads.

In the past, I’ve worked with a lot of small business owners in the UK, both B2C and B2B. Maybe we could collaborate on something else as well? Please get in touch if you’d like to have a quick, no-obligation talk to see if I may be of assistance.