Ethics Statement and Review Policy

being honest matters more than anything else for me because that’s how I grew my business.

Ethics Statement And Review Policy

I’ve never been afraid of a negative review. I just buy the item and then write my own after release! Being first on YouTube is important, but being honest matters more than anything else for me because that’s how I grew my business before doing online video and podcasts and that’s what will keep people listening – without it, you can’t make your voice heard above others who may be louder or have better advertising techniques at their disposal.

I have always maintained that my reviews should be unbiased opinions. I will never accept compensation of any kind in return for publishing a favourable or unfavourable review, and there is no way companies can exert influence over what products or services get reviewed.

“being honest matters more than anything else for me because that’s how I grew my business before doing online video and podcasts.”

For the most part, my videos do not contain any “sponsored” content. A company’s customer service and support are two of the most important factors in my decision to work with them, so I will only do business with companies whose products and services I have used and trust. In addition, I will always be upfront about sponsored content.

It’s rare for me to borrow or rent the equipment for a video; the majority of it has been owned by me. When firms send me complimentary products, I make it obvious in the video and description that they did so at no cost to me.

Giving away free things does not guarantee a positive review (or even a review/video). I’m very picky about accepting anything for free, just like I am with sponsorships, and will only do so on rare instances after clarifying this Ethics Statement with the company.

It’s not always easy for me to find the time. Sometimes I get access to so many products and services that don’t work out or provide any real value in reviews just because there is no point at which they can be put into practice and honestly help someone else with their problem! That being said though – more often than not- when a product or service does meet these qualifications from my side as well as yours then I will do everything within our power possible to make sure everyone knows about this awesome discovery by showcasing its use on a video or talk about it on my podcast.

All of that being said, I’d want to make a couple of extra non-negotiable points for the sake of clarity. To ensure that we’re all on the same page, I’ve made all of this information publicly available to both viewers and companies:

  • My work is entirely original. Each video is created and produced depending on what interests me and what I believe will be relevant/helpful to my audience at the time.
  • My assessments are always as objective as possible, and I always express my personal opinions.
  • I never send video previews to anyone for permission or edits. There are no exceptions.
  • My content calendar is completely under my control. While I’m pleased to collaborate on scheduling when it’s possible, no outside entity can pay or otherwise sway me in exchange for scheduling precedence.
  • Just because I was given a thing for free does not ensure I will review it or include it in a video. I never produce films in return for free goods or services.
  • I never work with Amazon resellers; instead, I always work with reputable companies directly.
  • Preproduction versions of products/software are not reviewed or accepted by me. I may talk about beta software however.
  • I appreciate it when firms provide information about their products/services, but in any content I make, I will only include what I believe is important and necessary.
  • I’ll try hard to find answers to any questions I have regarding a product or service.
  • While it’s common practice to include links in video descriptions or social media postings, I maintain complete control over what is posted across all platforms on my accounts.
  • Even if it’s not a “conventional” sponsorship, YouTube’s “includes paid advertising” option will be checked if a video promotes a product or service that was provided at no cost.
  • I’m glad for others to share my videos as long as the post includes a direct link to the original video on my YouTube channel. It is not permitted to re-upload my videos.
  • If I’m considering a sponsored campaign of any kind that involves other creators, I’ll make sure there’s a representative and equitable mix of genders and ethnicities.
  • I make no guarantees on the number of views or audience engagement on any of my films or content. While I want everything I make to “perform,” there are far too many factors beyond my control for me to make any predictions about possible viewership.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comprehend my Code of Ethics. This definitely doesn’t cover every possible scenario, but it should give you a good understanding of how much I respect my work’s integrity and the relationships I have with my community.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me

Parts of the statement has been inspired by Tom Buck